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Fresh Dish Catering, formerly The Epicurean Caterer, is a full-service, professionally run catering company that offers fresh, innovative and diverse food services in Saskatoon. Services are geared toward businesses, organizations, and social gatherings. We offer unique catering in Saskatoon, and meals are never prepackaged; all dishes are handmade. Fresh Dish Catering offers specialty diet menu options including vegan, vegetarian, organic, locally grown, and no gluten added. Additionally, Fresh Dish Catering creates cuisine from all over the world: French, Italian, East Indian, Thai, Japanese, West Coast, and others.

Fresh Dish Catering offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee break, appetizer, snack menus; the dish selection is one-of-a-kind. From delectable canapés to savoury fish, chicken, pork, beef, pasta and vegetarian/vegan dishes, Fresh Dish Catering serves up tastes to delight anyone’s palate. We are happy to assists with weddings or special events by offering planning information, rental contacts, alcohol ordering support, and more. We can accommodate large size gatherings - up to 200 people. We specialize in versatility, diversity and flexibility. Equally important is our customer service, quality of ingredients, and extensive experience in the catering industry.

My passion for food started as a child - both because my mother is a fantastic cook and because I have had the fortune of living in a number of different countries and enjoying a wide variety of cuisines. I have been working in the food industry for many years and have run my own catering business for the past 7 years; I know what it takes to keep customers coming back for more.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to study in Italy at ICIF in the Master Course in Italian Cuisine and Oenology. It was wonderful and inspiring! I plan to continue developing new menus showcasing what I learned, so please come back soon to see what's new.

Fresh Dish Catering operates the kitchen at The Lutheran Theological Seminary on the U of S campus.

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​​​​We Are A Fresh,
Imaginative And Diverse Catering Business In Saskatoon. We Are The Caterer To Make Your Wedding, Business Lunch,
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