At Fresh Dish we offer the two menu options for your meeting, workshop or gathering. You are welcome to check our Coffee Break Menu as well for additional choices. We are happy to work with you to design a menu if you have other ideas, and/or dietary requirements.  Minimum group size is 12 people/servings. We are not able to provide single servings of our menu options.

You can select the A La Carte option by choosing the individual menu choices. Please select from the options below and email us.

Please note we now charge a $30 delivery fee for all orders under $300, thank you.

  • Hot Breakfast, A La Carte price variey, see below:

    • French Bread French Toast served with Fruit Salad, Vanilla Yogurt and Maple Syrup on top  (A La Carte - $8 per person)
    • Vegetables or Plain Scrambled Eggs (A La Carte - $6 per person)
    • Meat or Vegetarian Breakfast Strata, a savory and hardy breakfast bread pudding (A La Carte - $6 per person)
    • Bacon and/or Breakfast Sausage (please note we offer 2 pieces of bacon and/or one sausage. We offer both bacon and sausaga for orders with guests number over 25) (A La Carte - $3 per person)
    • Oven Roasted New Potatoes (A La Carte - $3 per person)

    Cold Breakfast, A La Carte price variey, see below:

    • Plain & Vanilla Yogurt (A La Carte - $3 per person)
    • Fruit Salad (with an optional mint dressing) (A La Carte - $4 per person)
    • Granola (A La Carte - $3 per person)
    • Honey
    • Assorted Fresh Baked Goodies (A La Carte - start @ $3 per person)
      • Check our coffee break page for different options available

Coffee, from Maduro Coffee Company a premium Saskatoon coffee roaster and assorted tea's - $2 per person, add assorted juices for $1.50 per bottle.​
The prices include disposable cutlery, plates, cups and napkins, etc. If you would prefer non-disposable we are happy to offer rentals an additional rental cost. ​

Please email if you need other menu and pricing options.