For your dinner plans Fresh dish offers a wide assortment of options. the prices are from $18, for a vegan meal, to $30 per person including your choice(s) of main dish(es), side dish(es), salad(s) and dessert(s). All prices include all set-up supplies for the buffet such as chafing dishes and serving supplies. Also, all the disposables dishes are included. We suggest that you pick one meat dish or one vegan/vegetarian for groups under 25, one or two meat and one vegan/vegetarian for group 25 and up . This includes your choice of one or two side dish(s), salad(s), and dessert(s), depending on the size of your group. Minimum group size is 12 people/servings. We are not able to provide single servings of our menu options.

Please note we now charge a $30 delivery fee for all orders under $300, thank you.

You can find a PDF copy of our menu here.

  • Main Course

    Meat options

    • Coffee Crusted Pork Loin served with local High Bush Cranberry Sauce (No gluten added)
    • White Beans with Prosciutto and Sage – a hardy dish with an Italian background. (no gluten added)
    • Beef Wellington – a traditional dish favoured by many, served with a savoury jus.
    • Roast Beef – an all-time favourite which can be sliced and served at the buffet table by staff. It is accompanied by an in-house made savoury herb gravy. (No gluten added)
    • Cuban Chicken – a fruity and dynamic, but not spicy, chicken dish with red peppers, lime and raisins. (No gluten added)
    • Citrus and Fresh Herb Chicken – oven roasted chicken marinated in orange and lemon juice, a touch of garlic and lots of fresh herbs. (No gluten added)
    • Chicken with Artichokes and Olives – a surprising combination that will delight anyone. (No gluten added)
    • Salmon En Papillote - a parchment paper wrapped salmon fillet on a bed of leeks, fennel, white wine , dill and lemon. (No gluten added)
    • Salmon & Dill Savoury Cheesecake – a decadent, rich and surprising main dish wrapped in a light and flaky pastry. It has the creaminess of cheesecake and is nearly impossible to put down. (only available for groups from 18 to 54 guests)
    • Natural Wood Smoked Pork Tenderloin served with Bourbon-Rosemary Sauce. (No gluten added)

    Vegan options

    • Pumpkin and Apple Curry – a light and aromatically spiced main dish for the vegans in the crowd. (no gluten added)
    • White Beans with Sage – a hardy dish with an Italian background. (no gluten added)
    • Curried Chickpeas – spicy flavour of India with not too much heat but lots of flavour. (no gluten added)

    Vegetarian options

    • Polenta-stuffed Peppers – a Spanish inspired dish with red, yellow and poblano peppers when available. (no gluten added)
    • Spinach and Feta Frittata – a light and tall “omelette like” dish with lots of spinach and feta cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry.
    • ​​Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni - An Italian classic. Fresh pasta wrapped around creamy ricotta cheese mixed with spinach and parmesan cheese. Smothered in a crushed tomato, oregano and basil sauce and topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

    Side Dishes

    • Cumin Scented Couscous
    • Wild & Brown Rice with​ Sundried Tomatoes (No gluten added)
    • Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic (No gluten added)
    • Roasted Garlic Creamy Mash Potatoes (No gluten added)
    • Steamed Seasonal Vegetables with Butter (No gluten added)
    • ​Oven Roasted Vegetables tossed with Olive Oil, Kosher Salt and Pepper (No gluten added)


    • Cilantro Slaw (No gluten added)
    • Quinoa, Cucumber, Red Pepper with Lemon, Mint and Cilantro Dressing Salad (Vegan & no gluten added)
    • Baby Green Salad with Lemon Goddess Dressing and/or Tomato Balsamic Vinaigrette (Vegan & no gluten added)
    • Thai Chick Pea Salad (Vegan & no gluten added)
    • Potato Salad with Seedy Mustard Dressing (No gluten added)
    • Pasta Salad with mixed vegetables including Red Peppers and Black Olives (Vegan)
    • ​French Lentil Salad with mixed vegetables including died carrots, celery and red onion (Vegan)


    • Chocolate Cupcakes with Varied Frostings
    • Fruit Tarts
    • Chocolate Mud Cake served with Mixed Berry Sauce
    • Cheese Cake with Mixed Berry Sauce
    • Lemon Tarts
    • Mixed fruit Tray (Vegan and no gluten added)
    • Fruit Salad with Fresh Mint Dressing (Vegan and no gluten added)

Coffee, from Maduro Coffee Company a premium Saskatoon coffee roaster, and assorted tea's - $2 per person. Bottled water - $1 each bottle, assorted juices for $1.50 per can, pop - $1 per can.

If you need a additional vegan and/or no gluten add options, we have a variety of options. There may be an extra charge per person. Please feel free to contact us by email to discuss all your catering needs.